Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch the Throne

Today Kanye West and Jay-Z release a collaboration album together. Through many youtube videos i would have to say that this album is great. And its not just me who thinks so. All of my friends agree that this album is a must have. It comes with great features such as Frank Ocean, Beyonce and Pete Rock. This is the first time that Kanye and Jay-Z have released a full album together and it may be their last, so don't miss out! It is called Watch the Throne so look for it on iTunes.


  1. Yeah after listening to more of the album...the other stuff isn't as bad. I still don't like Who Gon Stop Us, though lol

  2. buying or watching on youtube...? Lets listen on youtube and then decide if its worth the money ^^

  3. Seems interesting, I might just get it.