Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok. So i thought today was going pretty well since i was taking care of my studying and not getting distracted. I go onto Facebook to see that all of my friends from school are doing a study group together and i wasn't invited. I don't understand what is happening right now. I think it is because SHE is there and doesn't want me there. It makes sense to expect me not to show up but at least have the courtesy to invite me. How am i supposed to respond to this tomorrow? I thought they were good friends of mine. I really have nobody else to hang out with other than them. This is really hurting me and i regret every past decision I have made.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Response To Comments

I normally don't make any posts like this but i feel the need to respond. First I'd like to say that I am no longer in high school. I go to a private school and plan on becoming a registered nurse with a bachelors. Afterwards i am thinking of going to get my masters and becoming a nurse anesthetist due to the money and easier hours but who knows what the future holds.

As for the dilemma with the girl, i really think she is willing to go because of pity but i am not going to tell her no to go because i still have to go to the museum for a report thing. So yes, i keep telling myself that i don't need her but its hard to convince myself that when we see each other every week and all of my friends are her friends. Starting next term i won't be seeing her at all i dont think but i do want her in my life as just a friend because i feel like we have a bond but i dont think she thinks of it that way. You guys are right, i have to stay on track with whats important and right now that is school and finding a job that will work around my schedule.

Today my dad changed the brake caliper kit on my car today and i got to help by taking off the tires and watching him replace the necessary parts. I also learned how the brake system works. Apparently theres a hose with brake fluid in it and when i step on the brakes, the brake fluid forces a piston to press against the brake calipers which pushes against the rotors and that is how you slow down. I hope to learn more about cars since i know it will be such a great money saver instead of going to a mechanic but i am also afraid to ruin the car if i work on it by myself. Hopefully my dad will have the patient to teach me everything haha. Anyways, i am heading out to probably lose in tennis right now.

Thanks again for all of the advice. Im glad you guys are really reading my posts!

Also, help these guys get some shine! They are really good!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I know its been a long time but i haven't found the desire to blog anymore. Hopefully i can get back into it since this is one of the best ways of relieving whatever stress i am dealing with. Also i really enjoy how people leave comments. Anyways, lately I have been busy with classes and such. I took 3 tests this week. i got a 68% on one test and that just doesn't cut it for me. I am furious with that result but apparently every one else didn't do to well either. That still isn't an excuse for me to slack though. On the second test, i thought i left with a perfect score but after going over some notes i totally missed an entire problem and the test only had about 8 questions so i don't think that missed problem will do my score any good. Then i took a test today and scored a perfect score. I don't want to think that i am safe for that class but i do get arrogant.

As for the female that i frequently talk about, she and 2 of our friends went out together for lunch the other day. At first, i didn't think it was a good idea and i can tell that she only invited me because everybody else was there and she knew it would be polite to ask. I accepted the offer only on terms that i really don't talk to her anymore and it would be good to patch things up. When we split i didn't handle it very well and i still like her but I understand her reasons for ending it. Anyways, we got lunch i was a complete gentleman and it was noticed. We hung out and just talked for an hour or so and it didn't seem awkward to me but at the end of the day i find myself wanting to be with her still. We planned a trip to a museum for the near future and i hope she didn't accept the offer out of pity. I hope it works out this time.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Return III

After eating at Tangerines, we had about 4 hours to waste until we met up with more people at Union Square. So my friend decided to take us site seeing. The first stop we went to was Lombard Street. This is the most curved street ever i believe. It has plants on the side and its all downhill. It is a crazy street and whoever thought of it must have been incredibly high or drunk. There is not way that the street was designed to function. There are houses on the side of the street and even parked cars for those houses but it would be so ridiculous to try and pull out of their garages. The street is not really wide and i am assuming that there is always a crowd of tourists taking pictures and such around that area. It took probably an hour just to do the whole Lombard trip. Here is what it looked like:
After this, we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course with all the traffic, i assumed it would be better if we would just drive past it instead of actually going on the bridge. I knew the bridge would be a complete waste of time to travel on unless i got to see someone jump off of it. So it took probably another hour to get to see the bridge and when we  got to it it was so foggy that you could not even see the top of the bridge. I barely got to see halfway up it. Apparently this bridge is the biggest suspension bridge? I dont know. I didnt really get it but now i can say that i saw it.

The Golden Gate wasn't really exciting but next we went to Coit Tower. I think it was a lighthouse before  but now its just a huge tower that you have to pay to get to the top of and you can see all of San Francisco. From there we got to see Alcatraz which really does seem impossible to escape from. Also we go to see the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island which is a man-made island. The coolest thing we saw there were the public toilets! They are like portable toilets but really fancy. They are round and require a button to open the door. It slides open instead of swinging. The line for this was longer than the line for entrance of the tower.
To be continued...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Return Pt. II

The next morning i was the first to wake up out. It wasn't even THAT early, probably around 8:30? Anyways, we were all excited to meet up with even more friends later that day at 2pm but we had no idea what to do other than to eat. So the first problem was transit. We really did not want to take the Muny or BART ( public transportation in the Bay area) but we had 6 people with us. Fortunately, the girl that slept over had a dentist appointment at noon. So she said she would leave for home now since she wanted to freshen up.

After every body showered and got dressed, the five us hopped into an Acura CL which seats four and headed toward Castro. Apparently Castro is the area in San Francisco that is really populated with gays. That really did not bother me though. What did bother me were the amount of street lights to get to such a close area. It probably took about 15 minutes to get to an area that was nearly 2 miles away. Now i can understand why people take public transportation up there. When we arrived, we were fortunate enough to find a parking spot within minutes. One of my friends then got a text from the girl that slept over that said her dentist appointment wasn't until next week. Too bad for her because she missed out one of the greatest meals i have ever had. The restaurant was called Tangerines and it is one of the brunch restaurants that you would see in a blog. The place was sized like a small bakery with maybe 15 tables for dining. I don't understand how but we got a table for 5 without even having to wait. We all ordered water and i know this may sound weird but the water up in Northern California tastes different! I heard that is has a better filtration system and that drinking from the sink is not as bad for you but aside from its cleanliness there was a hinge of fruit or something as an after taste. It was really weird but i got used to it fast. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict which is two poached eggs, smoked salmon, wheat toast and roasted potatoes plus a side salad for $9:50. This is not my photo but here is what it looks like (I had more potatoes):
To be continued...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Return

So i am finally back from my much needed trip to San Francisco. We started driving on Friday with a full tank of gas and Burger King in the car. I didn't want to eat much since i am not very fond of public restrooms. We set out for a 6 hour drive and ended up at San Jose in 5 hours. I think we could have gotten there a lot faster if we took a different freeway but this way had more scenery but also more traffic. When we got to San Jose we went to meetup with one of the passenger's close friend. She was staying at a hotel out there because she was going to some rave i think. Anyways, at her hotel we had time to relax and she gave me some Moscato. It was my first time drinking it and i have to say that this little pit stop greatly influenced the rest of the trip. After drinking for a bit, we set out to pick up a friend in UC Santa Cruz which is actually backtracking but it was worth it. So we got him then headed up to San Francisco where i could stay at my friends house that he shares with 5 other roommates. We ended up arriving around 11:30 and were starving since all we had to eat was crappy Wing Stop and Burger King. So he ordered this pizza that was really good. We got a large BBQ Chicken pizza and finished that with satisfaction. To wash it down, i drank a Blue Moon. Later, a friend came over to the apartment to hangout. I don't know if she was expecting something really fun but all we did was plan a schedule for the next day. After that, i think we all just went to sleep. Apparently i awoke from my sleep, shook my head, and called someone a bitch then went back to sleep. I honestly don't recall doing this but i was drunk so it could have happened. This is just what i heard every one else say the following morning. To Be Continued...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This morning i texted "her" good morning. I asked her what that awkward stare was about when i sat near her and she said that she wasnt giving me an awkward stare but was just surprised that i even sat there. I guess her previous relationships never ended in friends and i can understand why. I am working my ass off just trying to get over her. Anyways we are reunited and it does not feel so good. We are talking again but its there are no emotions behind anything we say. It like, if i were hit by a car she would remember who i was but wouldnt care if i existed or not. Whatever, there are other girls and hopefully ill find someone who can tolerate me but until then I am going to try and get my head straight. I am actually taking a break from working out today to write this post so i think i should get back to it. Thanks again for all the advice guys.