Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well, here is my upcoming agenda.

Today i got my score back from another test. I got a 88% this time. Out of three tests in the whole class, i have got a 89% and a 88%. The third test, which is also the final, is on the following Monday.

Wednesday: I turn in my current article review paper. I did the whole paper in one day and it pretty terrible. I dont expect much since that professor is the most hated in our entire school. My topic was on health care plans implementing coverage of free contraceptives. Terrible idea and i surely proved it in my paper.

Thursday: I turn in two papers. One is a incident report and the other is my 9 page persuasive paper on whether or not professional athletes should use steroids. Also, i have to make a powerpoint presentation by then and be ready to do a whole speech on the topic that will last up to i believe 7 minutes. Mine will probably be 4 minutes long haha. I dont care really. I have an A in the class and if it goes down to a B i wouldnt mind. After class, i do the usual and play basketball with the friends. It will be fun as long as nobody gets injured. I also got new socks just to play since my old ones were too thin and gave me blisters.

Friday: My fiend and i are going down to a beach about an hour away to pick up another friend. Then we are going to hang out probably play some more basketball.

The rest of the week will probably consist of studying for the two finals i have next week and hanging out at night with the friends. Really nothing is planned.

This song kind of illustrates the mood im in right now.


  1. Interesting agenda. Make sure to make time for the gym. Good luck on your final!

  2. Nice job and the tests and good luck for the rest of the week.

  3. Good luck! Your B is so high! I hope you get an A!

  4. stay motivated its all over soon :D

  5. Erykah Badu is bomb! Good luck with your scholastic pursuits.