Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to Normal

Well guys, it looks like i broke my no soda diet. I went to a candy store and just saw a variety of cream sodas and root beers. There were companys that i have never heard of. So i spent about, literally, 5 minutes trying to decide if i wanted a root bear or cream soda. I ended up going with a cream soda but i wish i went with root beer because the cream soda was sooo sweet. Also, i purchased a chocolate candy bar that was worth 2 dollars. It's not that its big or anything but man it is such a fine piece of milk chocolate. As for how things are going with that girl, i am really not obsessing over her anymore and i haven't talked to her in almost a week. So i say, thank you to all of those who gave my advice. It really saved my life.


  1. Sodas a hard habit to break. It took me a while, but I pretty much only use it in mixed drinks now (and even thats pretty rare). Keep at it though! You don't need all that sugar in ya

  2. Cream soda is the best. I could not live without it in my life. :P

  3. Damn, craving a cream soda after reading this ha.