Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Instead of calling her today i said, " Fuck it" and just went home. I am going to take all of your guys' advice and just stop talking to her and chill with the friends for awhile. Its not like she is going anywhere anyways. If i change my mind i can always catch up with her. So. instead of this depressing rant lets talk about something else:

Raw Denim. Essentially, raw denim is just denim that has never been washed before. Meaning, it retains all the indigo from when it was first dyed and the company does not even wash them. When you wear them, you are supposed to wear them for a good amount of time before you actually wash them so that the fades are more pronounced. Some people who wear them never wash their pants. The benefits you ask? Lets name a few off.

1. They fit to how you are specifically. When you first buy them they are usually tighter than what they will end up to be (denim stretches). So when you keep wearing them, they will stretch in places that need to stretch and in other places they won't. 
2. You don't have to worry about doing laundry. The longer you keep your pants from being washed or soaked, the more indigo it will retain except for where the creases are. When you do wash them, the creases will be a much lighter color then the rest of the pants.
3. Durable. They are pants that are made to be worn for several months without wash. They are pretty much bulletproof until they touch water so i guess you don't have to worry about them tearing.

1. Price. It is pretty much, you pay for what you get. I used to have a pair of APCs that were around 170 dollars and they are my favorite pair of pants. Unfortunately, now that i have had to retire those pants, i bought from a company known as the Unbranded Brand which was only around 80 dollars for retail. The difference in denim quality is such a big difference. I actually hate the quality on these pants but the fit is ok and i didn't have enough money for another pair of APCs at the time so i guess this will have to suffice.
2. Smell. Yes, months or even years of wash can be a bit much for the nose. But honestly, I have never heard of any complaints of smell. Some people like to put their jeans in the freezer to kill the smell while others just cave into a wash. You could always spray it with some sort of spray but that stench will always come back in time.
3. Stains. Since the denim is filled with indigo, the first time it touches water it will stain what it is touching. So i do not recommend wearing white shoes and raw denim for a rainy day or even sitting on a white leather couch.

Here are my old pair of APCs. A year and a half. 1 soak, 1 warm wash, 1 cold wash.
The contrast isn't as nice as it is in person considering this is a photo from my phone. Here is what they look like when first purchased. (Not my photo)


  1. For the smell what you could have done is thrown them in a freezer for a bit (kills the bacteria) and then I think a quick vacuum.

    That doesn't count as washing does it?

  2. I love the smell of dirty jeans. I had my first fuck in tropical South America and wow... let's just say I had dirty jeans on. :D I will always associate that smell with PURE JOY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. always wanted dirty jeans but the price kept me of. could get 2 regular instead

  4. Jeans are cool, but all of this sounds like too much work. Also, I am very lazy :P

  5. I always have trouble finding a good pair of jeans, usually end up with just one or two pairs that i wear til they're falling to pieces ha.

  6. "...made to be worn for several months without wash"
    why did nobody told me about jeans like that earlier??

  7. I like my rough rugged but also clean. Which is a bit of a pain.

  8. Glad you took our advice... also I found a pair of APCs that fit me in a thrift store once... $4. It was amazing.

  9. they look cool. i'm going to try it