Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Return

So i am finally back from my much needed trip to San Francisco. We started driving on Friday with a full tank of gas and Burger King in the car. I didn't want to eat much since i am not very fond of public restrooms. We set out for a 6 hour drive and ended up at San Jose in 5 hours. I think we could have gotten there a lot faster if we took a different freeway but this way had more scenery but also more traffic. When we got to San Jose we went to meetup with one of the passenger's close friend. She was staying at a hotel out there because she was going to some rave i think. Anyways, at her hotel we had time to relax and she gave me some Moscato. It was my first time drinking it and i have to say that this little pit stop greatly influenced the rest of the trip. After drinking for a bit, we set out to pick up a friend in UC Santa Cruz which is actually backtracking but it was worth it. So we got him then headed up to San Francisco where i could stay at my friends house that he shares with 5 other roommates. We ended up arriving around 11:30 and were starving since all we had to eat was crappy Wing Stop and Burger King. So he ordered this pizza that was really good. We got a large BBQ Chicken pizza and finished that with satisfaction. To wash it down, i drank a Blue Moon. Later, a friend came over to the apartment to hangout. I don't know if she was expecting something really fun but all we did was plan a schedule for the next day. After that, i think we all just went to sleep. Apparently i awoke from my sleep, shook my head, and called someone a bitch then went back to sleep. I honestly don't recall doing this but i was drunk so it could have happened. This is just what i heard every one else say the following morning. To Be Continued...


  1. Wow you ate a lot of different food! I hope you did other things too! I look forward to reading more later!

  2. so you got drunk with a girl, called her a bitch in your sleep and passed out? Sounds like an awesome night bro!

  3. Welcome back, braugh!

    Er...paragraphs...ya gotta at least give us your posts broken up into paragraphs, not one whole blocks, y'know?

    This kinda thing is hard to read...I'm just sayin', bro.

  4. i agree with that bastard from bellingham, though i read it nonetheless.