Friday, September 9, 2011

The Return III

After eating at Tangerines, we had about 4 hours to waste until we met up with more people at Union Square. So my friend decided to take us site seeing. The first stop we went to was Lombard Street. This is the most curved street ever i believe. It has plants on the side and its all downhill. It is a crazy street and whoever thought of it must have been incredibly high or drunk. There is not way that the street was designed to function. There are houses on the side of the street and even parked cars for those houses but it would be so ridiculous to try and pull out of their garages. The street is not really wide and i am assuming that there is always a crowd of tourists taking pictures and such around that area. It took probably an hour just to do the whole Lombard trip. Here is what it looked like:
After this, we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course with all the traffic, i assumed it would be better if we would just drive past it instead of actually going on the bridge. I knew the bridge would be a complete waste of time to travel on unless i got to see someone jump off of it. So it took probably another hour to get to see the bridge and when we  got to it it was so foggy that you could not even see the top of the bridge. I barely got to see halfway up it. Apparently this bridge is the biggest suspension bridge? I dont know. I didnt really get it but now i can say that i saw it.

The Golden Gate wasn't really exciting but next we went to Coit Tower. I think it was a lighthouse before  but now its just a huge tower that you have to pay to get to the top of and you can see all of San Francisco. From there we got to see Alcatraz which really does seem impossible to escape from. Also we go to see the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island which is a man-made island. The coolest thing we saw there were the public toilets! They are like portable toilets but really fancy. They are round and require a button to open the door. It slides open instead of swinging. The line for this was longer than the line for entrance of the tower.
To be continued...


  1. Yay! You talk of what you say on your trip! (and not what you ate) I think the roads like that to stop speeders from racing down the hill! And being able to say you saw the bridge is pretty cool! Did you get to use the fancy toilet?

  2. "There is not way that the street was designed to function."