Saturday, September 17, 2011

Response To Comments

I normally don't make any posts like this but i feel the need to respond. First I'd like to say that I am no longer in high school. I go to a private school and plan on becoming a registered nurse with a bachelors. Afterwards i am thinking of going to get my masters and becoming a nurse anesthetist due to the money and easier hours but who knows what the future holds.

As for the dilemma with the girl, i really think she is willing to go because of pity but i am not going to tell her no to go because i still have to go to the museum for a report thing. So yes, i keep telling myself that i don't need her but its hard to convince myself that when we see each other every week and all of my friends are her friends. Starting next term i won't be seeing her at all i dont think but i do want her in my life as just a friend because i feel like we have a bond but i dont think she thinks of it that way. You guys are right, i have to stay on track with whats important and right now that is school and finding a job that will work around my schedule.

Today my dad changed the brake caliper kit on my car today and i got to help by taking off the tires and watching him replace the necessary parts. I also learned how the brake system works. Apparently theres a hose with brake fluid in it and when i step on the brakes, the brake fluid forces a piston to press against the brake calipers which pushes against the rotors and that is how you slow down. I hope to learn more about cars since i know it will be such a great money saver instead of going to a mechanic but i am also afraid to ruin the car if i work on it by myself. Hopefully my dad will have the patient to teach me everything haha. Anyways, i am heading out to probably lose in tennis right now.

Thanks again for all of the advice. Im glad you guys are really reading my posts!

Also, help these guys get some shine! They are really good!


  1. I don't think you'll be able to have her just as a friend, maybe after a few years. What you should do to get over her is just stop thinking about her, and start doing new activities. Working out is great for this, obviously, not will you only walk out happier, your mind will be fresh and you will start thinking clearer, better and smarter. I don't know much about cars, I'm hoping to learn too :), there's nobody to teach me so I'll just roll along others and see the solutions until I can figure them out myself.

  2. Good! Egnore her, move on, become a nurse, make money and ten years from now you'll meet up with her and she'll be into you and you'll realise you don't like her and you only ever did cause you didn't know yourself as well. You'll see her for the silly girl she is and be dating real woman!
    Good luck in the future!

  3. Hey man, you got the right idea~! Just be busy being you, don't worry 'bout the small shit, ESPECIALLY if it's going to derail you from what's important.

    After all, once you hit college it's gonna be nothing BUT girls everywhere. Even then though, you gotta keep yer head on yer shoulders and do work - and that job is school, y'knowwhatImean?