Monday, August 29, 2011


Aside from actual every day work outs, i plan on working on my vertical jump. I am 5'5" and am probably a foot away from dunking on a 10 foot basketball hoop. So since my dream of joining the NBA is pretty much crushed, i am going to dunk instead. I believe it is possible since i have heard of plenty of people who are only a few inches taller than me dunking. I am not going to ignore my every day work outs with just jump exercises but instead i am going to alternate. I think Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be good for my jump exercises since my program requires 3 days a week. Then on Tuesday, Thursday and possibly Saturdays i will continue my push ups, pull ups, and situps. So i started today with my jump training and i have to say that my legs are sore! At first i did some random training just by myself such as jumping on this wall that is about waist high on me. 12 of those and i was good. Then i did some jump roping. For the actual training i downloaded the "Vertical Jump Bible" and plan on following that regimen. Since i am a beginner, the work out for this week consisted of:
Ankle Jumps 2x50
4-Star Drill 2x5
Alternating Lunges 2x20 (per leg)
Jump Squat 2x20
Slalom Jumps 2x50
Lunge Jumps 2x10 (per leg)
Low Squat Ankle Jump 2x30
It has been a long time since a work out left me completely dead and this is the one to do it to me. One day ill be like this guy:


  1. Don't give up man! I'm 5'10" and I need an inch to dunk, also doing exercises that are aimed to raise your jumping abilities. I can't stop thinking about the day I dunk over some punk fool :D

  2. Keep up the practise and never give up! You'll make it!

  3. Amazing guy on that video. Keep up the training, man.

  4. You've got yer dream, you've got yer goal, and yer puttin' in the exercises. Now all ya gotta do is DO WORK and keep at it. The latter is the ultimate, y'knowwhatImean?

    You can do it though m'man, just keep at it!

  5. I want to play Basketball, but I have some handicaps...
    But at least I haz vidiagaems!
    Ok no, I want to play sports, enjoy the life, there's a lot of people how want but can't...

  6. JUMP JUMP!!! :D Reach for the skies, man. Keep up the exercises! You gotta want it BAD to get what you want.