Monday, July 11, 2011

Nikki Jean - Pennies in a Jar

So today Nikki Jean released her long awaited album titled Pennies in a Jar. You can purchase it on iTunes or on Amazon. Nikki is most famous for being known as the girl who sang on Lupe Fiasco's cd titled The Cool. Her most popular track is Hip Hop Saved My Life. Since that song her career seemed to have shuttled off. She created her whole youtube channel and has uploaded several videos and i must say wow! She is so adorable and is one of the more polite women out there. Her voice is incredible i really think everybody should give her a listen. Also, she was nice enough to send all of her fans a holiday card! She even went as far as writing them by hand. I know because mine has an error and she scribbled it out. Haha! Anyways please check her out! She really deserves more attention!
Here she is first purchasing The Cool by Lupe Fiasco and listening for her part on the song.


  1. True, she does deserve more attention. I didnt even know her name before this post, I only knew I kinda liked the song >.<

  2. What an odd video. She is adorable though. Too bad her voice gets a bit overproduced.

  3. Sad that backup singers and the like don't get enough attention, she seriously has a good voice though ;3