Sunday, July 10, 2011

im back!

hey everybody! im finally back from my busy week. I am really glad that the week is over. Regardless of all the parties, it was very tiring. I think i might have to take it easy for awhile hahaha. Also, my presentation went really well in my class. Actually, it was a group project and one of them group members decided to read WORD FOR WORD from her note card. Her part must have taken seriously about 30 minutes. The worst part was she didn't even understand what she was reading and you can tell because when the professor asked her a question about her speech she would just make up some random answer to get out of the situation. Anyways, i am back into girl trouble again. This girl that i really adore tells me that she is still getting over her ex boyfriend. When i heard this i was like ok i think i need to lay low for a little while and wait for her to feel better. Then she tells me that she likes me. So now im stuck in this situation where i cant decide if every action i do is either moving too fast for her or not. I think im just going to keep things the way they are right now and see how it turns out. Its too bad because i really do like being around her. Any advice for me please? haha
Dont forget that these guys' album will come out in July 12!!!! This video is SICK!


  1. What a creepy ass video. The song is solid, but the video is hard to shake.

  2. Be aggressive and take the initiative with her.