Friday, August 19, 2011

The End

Now i finally learned my lesson. Last night through a conversation online, i learned that i dont stand a chance with this girl. She put me through ups and downs but in the end i learned that she was just playing around with me. I feel awful and don't know what to do. I should have kept your guys' advice and just stayed away but temptation encouraged me to talk to her. It's going to be different now and i hope i never have to talk to her again. She is a terrible person to do this to me and she knew exactly what she was doing. Heres the story summarized for you readers. We met in class and at the time she had just broken up with her boyfriend. She starts to talk to me and we both begin to like each other. She knows that i like her in a more serious fashion but she tells me that she has not gotten over her boyfriend. On top of that, she tells me that she likes me too. So i start to wonder, what do I do in a position like this? Well we had a short break from school and somehow we planned for her to drive to my house to hang out. Coming from 40 miles to see me, we went on a hike and i took her to a spot where we could have a view over the city. She sat down on a rock and i sat near her but not next to her. As soon as i sat down she moved to sit next to me. We spent about an hour and a half just talking and getting to know each other. Afterwards, we went to in-n-out and i did not pay for her meal since i didn't feel like i had to. The next time, i decided to go to her place since it was only fair to pay her back. We didn't do anything except talk, eat, watch tv, and lay in bed. I managed to hold her hand and she didnt seem to reject it so i just left it as is. So i left later and then for several weeks she was "busy" and couldnt hang out. So i said ok she must be getting over me or something but she claimed it was just coincidence and i kind of believe her because she had to help her mom for her trip half way across the world. Then recently i asked her for lunch where she said she didnt have any money but would have wanted to just watch me eat. I figured, she wants to see me just as bad as i do so i offered to buy her meal if she drove. She agreed and i thought we had a good lunch. We got to know each other even further over about an hour and a half. Upon driving me back, i gave her a kiss on the cheek on accident. Then yesterday i asked if she wanted to hang out again since we have a break coming up and she replied by saying " sure, if you think thats a good idea." I asked her what she meant by that and said that she felt that i felt she was trying to lead me on to her and that she wasn't trying to. So from that she just told me that she didnt want me to want her. I understood that she told me she was still trying to get over her ex but why lead someone on through texting and all this bullshit? Why tell someone that you like them but dont want to hook up? In the end, she told me " i told you not to get your hopes up. im sorry." So now im torn to pieces and i dont know what to do? Was it my fault this whole time? She did tell me not to get my hopes up but how can she lead me on by saying that she liked me and she kept texting me first. i dont know anymore


  1. Bitches are cruel. :( Don't let this stop you from pursuing true love! It's out there, and its got your name on it! If you want me to beat her up, I will. :)

  2. To quote the charater Kenny from the tv show OZ "All women is bitches!"
    To you I have to say, you did good. I could see that situation turning out good. It just turned out shes screwed up. If a similar situation happens with another girl do the same thing you did here.
    You did the right thing it was just the wrong woman.
    That happens. Don't be discouraged!

  3. I really don't think you can be at fault here nor can you blame her.
    There are different types of people out there and each type has its preferences.
    To me it seems like you should have been a little more aggressive (not in a rape kind of way), instead of talking about random things you should have told her you liked her that way and leaned in for the kiss, basically - test the waters.
    That's what I would have done with what I'm getting from the story but then again I wasn't there.

  4. Forget her man, there are so many girls out there, don't lock your mind down to this one girl just because she jerked you around. Go out, have fun, and meet new people, don't dwell on her.

  5. Disregard women, acquire currency.

  6. can't get stuck on one girl but you can't be afraid to make mistakes either. gotta make them to learn from them! just make sure you learn something from the experience

  7. Yeah...hurts, doesn't it?

    M'man, it's GOING to hurt. You're going to hurt for awhile, in fact...maybe longer, maybe shorter. But yeah, it's going to hurt like hell.

    Just bear the pain and remember that there ARE more fish in the sea, m'man. You got good qualities that someone's gonna fall for, and then she'll stalk you and you'll learn how to scare off your stalkers by simply offering them penis in a way that ruins their fantasy of you.

    Seriously though m'man, there ARE other women out there. Hell, there's even dudes if that's yer thing.

    It's gonna hurt, m'man...but it won't always. There might be a hole in yer heart, but it'll scar up eventually, y'knowwhatImean?

    Hang in there, dawg. Ride that shit out.