Monday, July 25, 2011


Tomorrow i begin my workout sessions again! My plan is to go back to my push ups, pull ups, and situps but this I'm going to aim higher. Today i began my all water diet. I still drink milk because some times meals just taste better with a bit of milk but for casual sipping i turn to water. Also, I am getting back into dressing more appropriately. I know its Summer and it is burning out here but i really think i should have a little more zing to my outfits. Usually i go out with a plain tshirt, my raw selvedge denim, and one of three sneakers, Vans Eras, Jack Purcells, and Warrior footwear. It is pretty much a starter kit but i think im ready to advance. For now i think shoes will be a priority. I am not much of a sneaker fan anymore but i dont like leather shoes for everday wear. I do approve of Clarks desert boots but i dont know if i can really pull those off. Plus, the desert boots are pretty pricey. I think Jack Purcells are a great shoe but its almost time to replace them. The soles inside have a hole from my big toe haha. For a replacement, i am either thinking a leather pair of Jack Purcells, some Converse Chuck Taylors or maybe some PF Flyers. My warrior footwear shoes are fine for now. Probably my most comfortable pair of shoes. If you guys have any suggestions for shoes please let me know.
Here are a nice pair of Desert boots:


  1. Those desert boots are pretty stylish. I like boat shoes myself. No need for socks. Gross? Maybe. Chuck Taylors are nice, too!

  2. Nothing says style like Ugg boots with fur... make sure you tuck your jeans into them, too.

  3. Trainers can be surprisingly stylish.