Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maybach Music Group

I know i am a bit late on this but this album by Maybach Music Group titled Self-Made Vol.1 is currently the greatest listen. Especially with headphones, i feel like i can listen through this album just laying down looking at the ceiling. I dont know maybe my life is turning out better than what i predicted and im just in a good mood. But that still doesnt change the fact that many people are enjoying this album. This group contains artists such as Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Wale and Pill. Rick Ross is one of the coolest guys ever. All he does is deal drugs, do drugs, get down with girls and eat. He is probably the fattest rapper living. No doubt he has the greatest beard in the rap game right now. Wale, well hes Wale. Wale has put out several mixtapes and perhaps he hasnt deserved the shine that he does deserve but maybe this new take on music is better for him. His rap style has changed a bunch since he joined this group and its not bad. Pill was nominated in the Top 10  freshman this year. I cant say much about him other than he goes hard!! Meek Mill , i really dont know anything about him. Hahaha. Anyways check this album out!

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  1. Although I listen to a wide variety of music, I can't say that rap is one of them. Although, I may give them a try anyway. I love hearing a rapper rap really fast. Blows my mind.