Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kickin it Old School

Recently i find myself listening to hiphop and rap artists from the way early 90s. Its amazing how i wasn't even born to hear these artists release their songs and yet 20 years later i still love listening to it. I guess good music is timeless. The artists that i have been listening to in particular are Gang Starr and Naughty by Nature. Gang Starr has this very jazzy feel to it that makes everything so soothing to hear. Plus MC Guru rapping over the beats is amazing. They make the best duo and i have never heard another rap group sound close to similar to them. Naughty by Nature is more of an upbeat type of group. Their beats are more stereotypical when you think of 90s rap and their lyrics are too. I guess it just gives me that nostalgic feel that everyone loves to feel during the summer. If you guys know of any rap groups similar to these two please tell me!


  1. Old school hip-hop and rap is so much better then compared to nowadays. A good portion of nowadays is just redundant auto-tuned garbage where the stuff from back then actually held some kind of message.

  2. I hate modern rap, but the older stuff actually has substance.

  3. RIP Guru.

    NBN is a nostalgic group for me, but not particularly a favorite. =p