Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Old Ball And Chain

Woke up today to find out that mom had no customers at work so she stayed at home. I thought today would be a total disaster because all she ever does is nag at me for various reasons. So before i did anything i ate some food before she told me what time it was and that it was passed due to eat. Next i made sure that my room was neat and tidy so she wont come in my room with the lion's roar. With nothing but a final for the class that I'm guaranteed an A in, i had nothing to do. So without any reason for yelling, she still comes into my room. First off, i hate to admit it but her mere presence is already an irritant in my life but this time she brought up an interesting proposition. She offered me a trip to the mall with her. With my birthday only now two days away, i figured i can get something that i like rather have her pick something out for me and then i have to pretend that i love it. At the time, i really do not need anything more than a new pair of basketball shoes, considering my current pair is a hand me down from my brother and it also gives me two fresh new blisters every time i play in them. So as i got to the Nike outlet, i looked for the cheapest pair i could find because i have this horrible feeling every time i take a hand out. Turns out that the cheapest pair was the one of the only pairs that had my size but also it wasn't too bad to look at. So lucky me, i got a new pair of basketball shoes! You guys are probably curious as to what they look like so I'm going to show you.
They were retailed for 80 dollars but came out to 41 with tax.

On a further note, the girl from Facebook responded. It turns out her life is getting back on track now that she is keeping herself occupied with productive tasks. Unfortunately for me, the reason her life was off course in the first place was because of "boy trouble." So i guess the only thing i can do now is pretend that i never showed any interest in her? Well...


  1. Lucky man! Been using the same pair since I was probably... 15? Pair of Converse Wades came up for sale, but they were JUST too small - Amazing black red white finish, awesome treads... Damn man, if I could have just got a 13 I would have snagged them hahaha one of lifes big regrets!

    Thanks for sharing mate - Following for future posts!

  2. Those were expensive shoes, but if they last a long time they´re worth that price anyway. Will follow.

  3. I was looking for a new casual pair.. maybe this is what im searching for :O

    thanks and will follow for more iteresting post's

  4. those are some nice kicks. :D

  5. i know the feeling i always want nice things but when my parents take me shopping i always buy only what i need and the cheapest of that thing (still quality though cant buy poorly made things)
    good luck with the blog im following