Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally Reacquainted

Ever met someone that used to be a big part of your life and then for no particular reason at all they just aren't there anymore? I am almost positive that everybody has felt this before. Before you can recognize the significance of their presence its already too late. Thank God for Facebook though! After about 3-4 years I got an acceptance from a friend that used to mean so much to me. And wouldn't you believe it, within that time span she has a kid. Regardless, I'd still like to catch up on old times and see how she has done without me in her life. Maybe I had a big impact on her life as well. Then again, maybe not?

A tune suited for the mood:

Aside from all of this, I've got to study for a final tomorrow that i am SO close to getting an A in. Wish me luck!

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