Friday, August 26, 2011


I woke up thinking today would be great because i planned a trip to go to Venice Beach to play basketball again but instead it failed! Yesterday my friend had called and i told him 12:30 be at my house so we can leave. He said yeah sure thats great but wanted to know if a friend could go too. I said sure because he is also my friend and it would be really fun. So in total i had 5 people going. This morning however, i got a text from my friend that we were meeting at Venice and he said that 12:30 is the latest time to leave. So my friend that called last night asked this morning if we could leave at 1:30 because he had work. And i thought, if you knew you had work why didnt you just tell me last night that you couldnt make the 12:30 plan. Anyways, it turns out that two of them did not go because of their jobs. Then it was just three people in the car including me. So first, there was traffic but it only took us about an hour to get there even through traffic. Then when we got there, there was a huge high school dunk competition going that closed off 2 of the 3 courts there so there was only 1 court to play on. Then i realized that on that one court they werent even using the full court. They had two halves playing 3 on 3. I thought, well this is going to be better than i expected because i only came with 3 people and the friend that was meeting up with us said it was too late and he couldnt play anymore. So the three of us played 2 games and we lost both of them. I put up the most amount of points in both games but i just couldnt carry the dead weight. Then after realizing that we wanted to go home, i reached into my bag to get my things and i learned that somebody had stolen my wallet. My Louis Vuitton wallet that had my drivers license, my nursing license, my cpr card, fire safety card, debit and credit card alongside with around 30 dollars. We left that place with no luck finding it. So i said lets just go home. Instead of taking the same freeway home, the other two in the car thought it would be a more scenic and faster route to take another highway. I said i guess so. Instead it took us an hour and a half to get home and the traffic was terrible. The scene was definatily not worth it since it was only just the beach front and i had seen that all day. On the drive home, i got a voicemail and a missed call but didnt want to check because i was driving. When i got home, i checked and the voicemail was saying something about "we need to verify that you used your credit card." So i called the number back and it turns out, whoever stole my wallet used my credit for 25 dollars at McDonalds and 120 dollars at a sporting goods store. I told the person that i did not authorize any of those purchases and that i lost my wallet. So he said he would mark it unauthorized but i dont know what happens from there. He said that he doesnt deal with the disputing of the purchases and such so i dont know if i still have to pay for it or not. Then my friend told me, " oh dont worry you can get a temporary license online and they will just mail you your new license in about a month." I took his word and there was the first mistake. I learned that you have to go to the DMV with another form of government ID and fill out a form and pay them. I absolutely hate going to the DMV so i made an appointment online, even if it does no good, and learned that i had to print a confirmation ticket for the schedule. I told my friend to sign onto Facebook so i can send him the link but by the time he got on facebook, 10 minutes later, the confirmation ticket expired. So i hope i can just go into the DMV on Monday and just say "hey i made an appointment." Also, to replace my nursing license i have to print a form and put my VN License # on the form. Unfortunately, other than my license, i have no idea where to find my VN License #. So i emailed the state board today and hopefully they can explain things to me but i doubt they will. Also, i have to wait 3-4 for my license to come back on top of paying them $25. Then i have to find a way to renew my CPR and Fire Safety card. I know i have to call someone but i dont remember their contact information so i think i have to go through a classmate and ask for help. Well, thats how this day has gone so far. I dont know what else i can do. This week, i lost my girl, my wallet and im going to lose my best friend because he is moving for college. I am at an all time low here people.


  1. Just hope it's better tomorrow!

  2. At least you got your health.
    I hope things get better for you! I can't imagine how frustrating all that has been for you! I hope your life hits an upward swing! I'm routing for you!

  3. That sucks man. At least things can't get any worse.

  4. learn how to fucking split your text into paragraphs. god. this is unreadable

  5. Shit goes down in life. Best thing you can do is keep yer chin up and keep goin' forward.

    TRUST me, be grateful things ain't worse...and if they DO get worse, be thankful it still ain't worse.

    That's how I deal when the shit hits. And it WILL hit, y'knowwhatImean?

    Gotta agree with Westside a bit...even if this is a stream of thought personal post, it'd be more readable if you split up all this text into paragraphs.

  6. yeah what he said earlier. I don't quite understand this either