Monday, August 15, 2011


So today i had class just like a regular day but i wasnt really focusing on the content since "the girl" and i had plans to get something to eat after. I really wanted class to be over so i could just go and hang out with her. As planned, after class we went to get food and she picked the place. She chose in-n-out and i agreed to pay for her if she was willing to drive. Like a smart person she agreed to drive. It was a great lunch. I really was not that hungry and didnt even finish my burger but we spent nearly an hour and a half just talking to each other and it was very educational since i learned about how she feels about guys when it comes to relationships. Shes the kind of girl who likes to have her free space. She hates being constantly texted all the time which is a huge plus for me since i only have 300 texts per month. Most of the talk wasn't really informative to me but it was good to know that i could hold a conversation with her for that long. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING. On the drive back to my school where my car was, i asked her how she felt about her stepdad. She began to rant about how he is the worst person ever and listed several examples of why she absolutely despises him. There were swear words and curses being yelled in the car and i instantly regretted asking her about him. In fact, i apologized several times for even bringing the topic up. Upon arriving at my car, i told her to give me a hug and it was very awkward since were both in the car still. She put the car in park and took her seatbelt off and it was just such a weird angle. I tried to land a kiss and i felt like it was going to happen since she was leaning into it to right after the hug but instead i got her cheek. So i totally failed at that but i guess it is still kind of cute? or maybe i just look incompetent now? Doesn't matter, i had a good time and its good to know that i did not blow it with her. Maybe next time it will land on lips. hahaha.


  1. Lol, just keep trying man.

    WORD OF ADVICE! Don't apologize to women. Especially not multiple times. It shows weakness, women don't like that trust me. Just play it cool, aim for the lips next time. ;)


  2. LOL, sounds like you had a smooth time. O well, cant win them all right? It all matters what happens in the long run.

  3. Nice one man, that actually read out like a movie at the end.

  4. Huh, each individual differs when it comes to each individual situation. Though admittedly, ShadedGaming's got a point...most women find certain weaknesses a complete turn-off.

    Still others find it endearing. So I dunno...the next time you see her/talk to her, feel her out (I SAID OUT NOT UP!) and see where she stands on it.

    I do believe in one thing - clear communication, no matter what, will always prove best y'nowwhatI'msayin'? Be honest with her and yourself, and always go for the gusto.

    And besides, this whole stepdad angle sounds like one you could've worked into a humor situation...but I wasn't there, so I might be wrong. Hell, if she's THAT worked up 'bout it simply chalk it up mentally to never talk about it again and - should the situation ever arise, mind you - "defend yourself" against him when she can see you doing it and making it obvious that he took the first swing.

    I'm just sayin', may be barbaric, but I have yet to meet any woman who isn't turned on (at least physically) by violence. Hell, same thing with dudes...

  5. That was actually a cute story :P I hope it works out well for you two.

  6. Er... what? I don't understand. You take your frigging seat belt of before trying to kiss someone in a car. God.

  7. You told her to hug you to comfort her about her stepdad? Then tried to kiss her? Not nessisarily the best way for a kiss.

  8. Hahah, sounds good man, sounds good. Don't worry about those awkward car hugs, they're always like that no matter what. If anything just make a joke about having an 'awkward car hug' and laugh about it.

    Instead, just be charming and convince her to get out of the car and walk you two feet to your car. Just say something super extravagant like you're afraid you'll be trampled by elephants and since she's small like a mouse (granted she's shorter than you), she'll scare them away. Just say it in a funny way and she'll probably laugh and agree.

    It's just all about charm and wit man. It's what it's all about.

  9. You took a gamble, and it somewhat worked out. Land that shit next time, bro!

  10. The above posts said it all.
    #1 don't apologize too much she'll start to think she can walk over you.
    #2 Athanasia put it nicely, make it fun and spontaneous.